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Posted by edh on July 22, 2003 at 14:32:17:
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: I've just (nearly) completed installing a basement bathroom. Although each stage was inspected, the toilet bubbles when the mainfloor washing machine empties. The stack that I tied into services the main floor bath and the washing machine. As this stack passes through the basement the sink is connected by a "t" and is vented (ABS 1.5 inch; I actually replaced an existing laundry tub) - I do not believe the vent is obstructed, but will double check.

: As the stack enters the concrete floor, it turns toward the main household stack - it is in this line that I tied the toilet in - in fact, the toilet sits directly on top of the line. The distance between the toilet and the sink vent is just a few feet. Further downstream toward the main household stack I tied the shower in and haven't noticed any noise or bubbles from its trap. The household stack joins the sewer system for the city; the house is about 15 years old.

: Assuming the vent is not blocked, was there a design flaw? Is there anything I can do to remediate? I might be able to tie a second vent downstream from the toilet into the second household vent - not easy, but could be done. I guess my main question is, is there a risk of leaving it as is? Thanks,
: Kerry

I had a similar situation which only occured when there was a build-up of materials in my main waist line from the stack to the street hook-up. My guess is you've got an obstructed line-if I understand you correctly

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