water pressure from shower mixer when hot water turned off
Posted by Pam on July 22, 2003 at 12:54:59:
Our old home came with a partially-plumbed master bath upstairs (drains were installed but no supply). No area plumbers returned our calls, so my husband has been doing a wonderful job installing the new sink & toilet himself so I don't have to trek down our steep stairs six times a night (I am 7 months pregnant). The master bath is directly above the downstairs bath.

We got the cold water lines installed and secure (waiting on hot water for another day so the toilets at least work for now!), and the cold flows great to all fixtures in both bathrooms except the shower. The pressure in the other fixtures is even higher than it was before. When we remove the shower mixer, the cold water just shoots out ... but with the mixer in, we get a tiny little trickle. It's an older mixer, and we soaked in vinegar for awhile in case it was plugged up.

From the web research I've done today, it seems that the mixer may not be working properly without the balanced pressure of the hot water supply? Before we run out and buy a new mixer, is this a possibility?

Thanks in advance!