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Posted by Deb on July 21, 2003 at 19:24:41:
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: Greetings. My mobile home is a 1996 Northridge by Patriot with original water fixtures and pipes. I have a leak coming from my shower faucet. There is a knob for hot and a knob for cold on a horizontal fixture. The leak is coming from under the fixture and runs down the shower wall. The stream of water is about 4 inches wide, and is luke warm. The temperature of the leaking water leads me to believe that both the warm and cold water is leaking. My father-in-law took it apart and said he thinks that the leak is coming from the middle of the horizontal pipe from three or four holes where the cold and hot water mix. I don't know what my pipes are made of, but he says they are plastic. He also wants to put some epoxy glue on the pipe to stop the leak. I'm questioning whether I should let him glue it or if I should have the pipe replaced. Is the glue method a fix or a patch? If we choose to use the glue, will the pipe be at risk to eventually break?
: Thank you in advance for your time.

I have had several jobs made quite a bit tougher because the customer tried to repair the leak first with epoxy--and I have NEVER seen epoxy work. Water can do too much damage too fast to take chances with it.
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