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Posted by hj on July 21, 2003 at 09:37:19:
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Are you asking what is the right way to do it, or what will "work and get by"?. You seem to know the correct way, but are looking for an easier way to do it. The condensate pump may "work" if the amount of water used is within the capabilities of the pump and nothing is put into the sink that will deteriorate and cause odors.

: I'm putting in a bar sink, with a single, low flow cold water only faucet. I need to pump the sink discharge to my sewer line. Do I need to install a basement drain pump? Seems like overkill. Would a condensate pump work?. Is it possible to custom build a small sump pump and barrel. These basement drain pumps also have a vent attached- do I realy need to vent this?

: Thanks

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