New Toilet Won't Siphon
Posted by Brian MacMillan on July 19, 2003 at 19:47:04:
We recently had our two bathrooms renovated to include replacing the original 30+ year old toilets. The new bathrooms feature lo flo toilets by American Standard.

The problem is that when the toilet is flushed, the water enters the bowl, swirls, but won't go anywhere. There doesn't seem to be a sufficient siphon to suck the waste water out.

Since this is a lo flo toilet, I've tried multiple combinations of different flapper valves and styrofoam disk positions. I can definitely increase the amount of water coming into the bowl, but no matter what I try, the toilet bowl will not drain, thus a non flushing toilet.

The old toilets never were great flushers either, so I'm starting to think in terms of a possible drain waste vent problem. Also, we've always had a foul odor coming from our dishwasher (also brand new).

Does a DWV problem seem likely? Thanks very much for your feedback!

Brian MacMillan
Panama City, Fl.

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