Back-to-back closet bend replacement
Posted by Andrew on July 19, 2003 at 08:52:58:

I have the following arrangement in two bathrooms that I am renovating. The cast iron is around 70 years old, and one plumber suggested tearing everything out, including the stack, and replacing it. That seems a bit excessive to me, and sort of precludes me doing the work myself. So I was wondering if cast iron NEEDs to be replaced once it gets to be about 75 years old, and if not, what I can do with the two closet bends. They are back-to-back, the near one is about 15 3/4" from the studs, the far one is about 14 1/2" from the studs. The near bend has the sink drains coming in from the right, the bath drain from the left, and the far one has a shower drain coming in from the side.

I want to replace all the waste pipes in the bathroom, but I had been planning on leaving the closet bends in, since moving them seems like a bit larger of a job. That was until I measured the rough in dimension. I could build out the wall a bit to make a shelf behind the toilet so I can use a 12" rough in. So, if I leave the closet bends in, how likely are they to fail in the next 15-20 years, if they haven't failed yet? And to connect new drain pipes I had planned on cutting the 2" drains off near the closet bend, and using Ferncos to couple in plastic drains for the bath/sinks/shower. The current drains are brass. Will I likely get pinhole leaks in the brass if I do that? I'd be a bit concerned about trying to break those pipes out of the closet bend and not ruining the threads coming out of the closet bend. Also, if I keep the closet bends, can I just chisel out the flange, and then use one of those cast iron flanges that have 4 bolts to tighten down on the bend?

Thanks for the help!


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