Re: Replacing the drain in a bathroom !
Posted by hj on July 17, 2003 at 17:16:48:
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There are two kinds of drains. One is inserted from the bottom of the sink and the other drops in from the top. I cannot tell you which you have since both have large nuts on the bottom. The one that drops in from the top will have the piece that the drain operator fastens to be removable by unscrewing it from the larger casting. The other one the metal ring in the sink unscrews from the underneath piece. These usually come apart better if you do not loosen the nut underneath, but you have already gone past that point. If you have this type, grab the sink ring with a larger pair of Channelock pliers and then use another pair to unscrew the lower piece from it.

: I'm trying to remove the drain in my mom's bathroom. I can't get the "ring"(the portion on the inside of the sink that the drain stopper sits in) to unscrew off of the main drain. I did unscrew the large bolt from under the sink and there is some play to the top part of the drain. What is the trick to removing the rest ??

: Pls help and thanks in advance.
: Matt

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