loose Delta kitchen faucet
Posted by Karen on July 16, 2003 at 22:25:28:
Help! My faucet is driving me nuts! It is almost falling over, although it doesn't leak. The plumber that installed it was still in training and doing us a favor by installing it. The problem is at first it was okay, then after a few months it was loose. He came and tightened it. That worked a few days. Then it seemed to really get worse. Seven months later I have to hold the faucet up to use it. It is the style that arches up. The plumber is afraid he didn't install everything he should have and threw the rest away! My husband is telling me to buy a new one but I hate to because it's still new. Do you have any advice for us? Can we buy a new part for it? Please help!!! Thank you!

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