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Posted by hj on July 14, 2003 at 16:16:11:
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I regularly remove tubs single handedly, and install the new cast iron one the same way. As long as it is not on an upper floor.

: I agree with the other poster. Replace it. It is not as big as a job as it looks. A few comments though.

: 1) It is easy to break apart a tub with a sledge hammer with the necessary safty equipment. Removing it intact will require help. They wiegh over 3oo lbs.

: 2) The drain connection can be tricky, In my case the new trap hit a stud.

: 3) A acrylic tub or amercast tub can be manhandled by one person. A cast iron can not.

: 4) You might find that the new tub is slightly shorter so you might need to build out the walls with furring strips. I need to add 1/2" to one end. Not a big beal but you need to allow for it.

: 5) Make sure the wieght of the new tub can be supported by the floor. My new tub was considerable deeper than my old tub but the tub was 200 lbs lighter so the wieght with water was similar.

: 6) It can be done as a DYIer.

: Good luck.

: Philip
: : Terry,
: : Fantastic site! I'm glad I came across it...what a service you are providing for us plubming hacks !

: : We are in the process of remodeling our bathroom
: : and we currently have all of the wall/tile removed
: : from around our tub and we are replacing a three prong
: : water control unit with a one piece ( no problems there, I hope ). Anyway, the reason for my post is
: : should I replace my 40 year old cast iron tub or have someone refinish it? The color is awful but the tub is functional. Seems like too big of a job for me to do the replacement myself.

: : Here is my list of worries...anything you can add?

: : Replacement cons
: : labor/COST, risk of a bad job

: : Refinishment cons
: : quality of work, lifetime of work

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