Re: new well isn't running clear
Posted by Hube on July 14, 2003 at 09:48:26:
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: Hi. We have a wonderful new home with a big problem. It has been two weeks and our well is still not providing clear/clean water. We don't even know what steps to take. Do we take a sample somewhere to find out what is causing this brown water? Did the well driller do something wrong? Do we need to buy a water filter? If so what kind? Thanks for any advice. Tina;is this well just been drilled,? if so, you may have to run a lot of water off in order to clear it up. Call the driller and hear his suggestions. Who-ever did the work should have a detailed sheet on the ouput,GPM, type of water, clarity ,etc.Filters are required in most cases,if only to eliminate minute particles. If you suspect its an IRON problem, the water can be tested for its content, and iron filters or even a water softener can help clear it up. We have heard of new well owners that had to run the water periodically for several days (outside tap)in order to clear. Good luck ..Hube

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