Re: Mansfield Outdoor Faucet
Posted by Gary Swart on July 12, 2003 at 14:43:23:
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My personal bias here. I have never been convincend that repairing something that can be totally replaced for just a few dollars makes much sense. By the time you buy the parts and go to the effort of taking the old apart, installing the new parts you have almost as much invested as just getting a new unit. Obviously there is a point where repairing is better, but not on something as inexpensive as an outdoor faucet. I assume you're dealing with a frost free faucet, and these are in any plumbing supply house, HD, Lowe's, etc.. I have no bias on brands. Just be sure to install with the right side to the top, and then don't leave a hose connected during the winter. (I learned that lesson the hard way)

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