Mansfield Outdoor Faucet
Posted by Bob Campbell on July 11, 2003 at 12:22:45:
I have a leaking faucet and found that you can buy parts from Mansfield. 877-850-3060 Julie @ Ext 1252. Seemed very helpful.

Many failures reported on boards I've seen. Can be disassembled with large screwdriver or small socket to remove the handle, pliers or wrench to remove the plastic seal, and then carefully unscrew/pull the stem to extract it (The hardest part). Reassemble with liberal application of grease.

The faucet is poorly engineered. The little spring-loaded device on the end of the stem gets hung up, seals failed, handle cracked inside. The screw that holds the handle on is screwed into a piece of copper tubing that is mashed square to form sort-of threads inside. Pretty hokie. Steel screw is incompatible with the copper and corrodes badly. It is worth fixing only because it is easier than replacing the whole faucet. Repalce with what?

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