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Posted by Bob Campbell on July 11, 2003 at 12:09:51:
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Cycling Well Pump:
You need to fix it so it doesn't cycle.

If it is a submersible pump, you need a pressure tank with air or bladder, a pressure switch, AND A RELIEF VALVE. They will often put out enough pressure to break pipes and tanks.

If it is a jet pump with suction in a lake you can let it run without a pressure shitch as long as the discharge is not completely shut off. In that case you will want to throttle it (close some irrigation heads) so you get enough pressure.

If you have a pressure switch, you need to have enough air in the tank (bladder or injected air) to lengthen the cycle. The usual probelm with air (non-bladder) tanks is that the air gets dissolved in the water and the tank becomes waterlogged; and people have no easy way to put more air in the tank. If you put in air the tank is cheaper than a bladder tank and costs a lot less.

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