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Posted by Deb on July 11, 2003 at 11:22:06:
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: July 10, 2003

: Hi there, well it has to do with my bathrooms (but my dishwasher tends to exit the overflow valve, and the laundry also tends to flow into the adjoining bathtub. Ongoing problem for the past few months. At first I was led to believe it was just "tree roots" per my plumber, but now I think my plumber is not telling the whole truth. Are there really honest plumbers out there? I have a 30yr+ old house, original plumbing with an added on bathroom (so there are 2 full bathrooms). From time to time if the toilet becomes clogged it will flow into the bathtub and both will become clogged with minutes. I have had my plumbers out several times over the last 3 monts. They use the big snake machine, have cleared the line at about 40ft or so out to the street sewer, and have cleared the air traps too. Yeah well the problem is ongoing. I keep putting down drain products, lye seems to work the best. So now I have to do this every week? My plumber mentioned something about an overflow situated where the house line meets the city sewer. He also said that the house line is smaller than the connection to the city. Ok I believe that, I guess. But I sure hate getting the run around, its getting expensive. Or would it be better to have a service contract. But either way, can this problem ever be resolved. Have not had problems like this before. And what product can I use in the pipes to really clear them. Have been adivsed that there is an acid product. Would greatly appreciate all advice, comments and help on this. Thank you.

Quit pouring chemicals down your drain. They do not work and can do damage to your lines, snakes and skin.
Have your line video'd by a plumbing company that does that sort of thing and you will then know exactly what is going on.
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