Re: Mansfield Anti-Siphon outdoor faucet
Posted by Bob Campbell on July 10, 2003 at 17:29:51:
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I just took mine apart to fix it. Probably mechanism inside is damaged or jammed. I did the following.

1. Turn of water supply to faucet.
2. Using a screweriver or small socket, remove the screw inside the cap (Hard to remove because they used a steel screw which is incompatible with the copper stem). Pull the cap off.
3. Use a large wrench or pliers to remove the plastic packing nut under the cap.
4. Using the faucet knob, turn and pull the stem out. You will use a combination of turn on/turn off/ pull to work the stem out.
5. There is an O-ring and gasket on a little fitting on the end. On mine, the spring loaded fitting on the end was jammed and the seals are damaged. I was able to get it free of jamming and grease it all up with wheel bearing grease, which has made it work for now.
6. Put some grease on the screw as well, and put it back together.
I am going to try to get parts from Mansfield. EMail me if you want any information on result of that.
Bob Campbell

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