no water in kitchen sink
Posted by Redwing Cleveland on July 10, 2003 at 13:51:15:
A few months ago I had a problem with the water in the kitchen sink. When I turned it on, it would flow then dribble. I had to turn it on and off several times before it would stay at a good flow.
About the same time, I had a new garbage dis., dish washer and new sink sprayer installed.
The problem was fixed somehow after that. The water was fine.BUt... I did notice when I turned the faucets on, the sprayer kind of jumped from pressure.The sprayer no longer works.
Now I have the same problem again.
I turn the water on and there are only drops, but this time, when I shut it back still drips.
I can not get enough water to use from the faucet.
I am pretty sure the problem is between the sprayer and faucets but can not figure it out.
I hope the salution is easy enough that a old widow lady can fix. I hate paying plumbers!

Any ideas? Thanks for your help.

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