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Posted by Gary Slusser on July 10, 2003 at 12:53:46:
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: I am looking for instruction on adjusting the pressure switch on my well Questions

: 1. There are 2 adjustable springs in the switch . A large one and a small one.Which one is for the well to start pumping (pressure below 40psi) and one for the pump to start pumping (60psi)
: 2. When adjusting the low end spring which way do you turn adjusting screw to increase pressure. Same with high end adjustment.

The tallest screw nut raises or lowers both cut-in and cut-out. Tightening raises and loosening lowers. The short screw nut or bolt head depending on what type switch you have, raises or lowers the cut-out only. Tightening raises etc.. You should maintain a 20# differential betwenn on and off.

You also need to check the air pressure in captive air precharged type tanks. It has to be done with no water in the tank and set 2 psi less than the cut-in pressure switch setting. I.E 30/50 pressure gets 28 psi air pressure.

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