Re: shower diverter valve malfunction
Posted by hj on July 10, 2003 at 00:15:54:
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The first thing tha comes to mind is that the hot water pressure is so poor that the extra four feet of height is too much to maintain the preset mix.

: I have a Delta (I think) tub/shower valve set which does the following:

: With the diverter valve in the "tub" position, the hot/cold mixing valve works fine & maintains a constant temperature.

: If I then (with water still running) turn the diverter valve to the "shower" position, it maintains the same temperature, briefly. The temperature then drops to the low 90s (F), & stays there UNTIL I turn the diverter valve so that a small amount of the total flow goes to the tub spout, at which point all of the hot water previously missing from the shower returns to the shower, & the small flow going to the tub continues to go there. I removed the valve stem from the diverter valve & replaced the seat and the washer. This had no effect. Any way to fix this without replacing the whole valve set? The back side of the wall containing the valve set has custom built-in storage cabinets, which would have to be virtually destroyed to clear enough work space to cut into the wall & install a new valve set. The tub/shower side of the wall is tiled & I would also hope to avoid having to redo this wall. What could make a diverter valve behave in this way?

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