Do i use mortar to stabalize my jet tub
Posted by Jon Strembiski on July 09, 2003 at 20:38:24:
Good evening, i purchased the 100092 ASTM-3P 12 jet bathtub and am having some problems installing it (or rather questions regarding the rather hazy instructions).

My problem is that i am about to place the grout for proper leveling under the tub. With a normal bathtub you fill in an area with grout and drop the tub in, putting weight on it to properly seat it until the grout is solidified. Well, with this tub i am worried that this is not a good idea as all the plastic tubes to the jets are on the bottom of the unit, but you need the grout so the tub is properly stabilized?

Do you have any ideas or clarification?

Please respond ASAP as i plan to put the tub in on saturday and do not want to wreck it.

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