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Posted by Crodley on July 08, 2003 at 00:13:42:
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What I mean is that the old faucet had copper pipe which ended in a female (nut) at the end, the new faucet has the copper pipe with a male end (like a bolt) so I have to replace what the new faucet goes into.

As for what the pipe coming out of the floor is like, picture a long wood match. The sulfer part of the match is this odd bulging part of the pipe at the end (or top) of the pipe. Just below that bulging part is a branching off of the turn off valve which is where the copper pipe from the new faucet will go.

Forgive me if I'm still not clear. A friend said that the bulging piece of pipe is a pressure valve of sorts that prevents knocking noises, does that make sense?


: Unfortunately, your description does not help us to see what you have. I know of no faucet that would come with a male and a female connection. They are almost always either male or straight copper tubing. Your description of the shut off valves also does not conform to any common valve unless your description is erroneous.

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