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Posted by hj on July 06, 2003 at 21:23:50:
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Unfortunately, your description does not help us to see what you have. I know of no faucet that would come with a male and a female connection. They are almost always either male or straight copper tubing. Your description of the shut off valves also does not conform to any common valve unless your description is erroneous.

: Hi folks, I'm replacing my kitchen faucet and the couplings for the new faucet aren't the same size as the old ones (not even the same type, one's male and one's female). Not a problem, I'll go buy new connectors and put them on. My question is that the shut off valves there now have odd thick tube shaped ends.

: What I mean is the the stops at the top of the pipes coming from my floor look like miniature upside down welding tanks. About 3 inches long and twice the width of the copper pipe it's attached to.

: Why are these ends bloated like this? When I replace them do I need to find more of these or will a cap do fine?

: Sorry if I'm vague, I'm new to this plumbing thing. :-)

: Crodley

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