Odd looking pipe
Posted by Crodley on July 06, 2003 at 16:09:42:
Hi folks, I'm replacing my kitchen faucet and the couplings for the new faucet aren't the same size as the old ones (not even the same type, one's male and one's female). Not a problem, I'll go buy new connectors and put them on. My question is that the shut off valves there now have odd thick tube shaped ends.

What I mean is the the stops at the top of the pipes coming from my floor look like miniature upside down welding tanks. About 3 inches long and twice the width of the copper pipe it's attached to.

Why are these ends bloated like this? When I replace them do I need to find more of these or will a cap do fine?

Sorry if I'm vague, I'm new to this plumbing thing. :-)


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