Slab leak damage
Posted by Shari on July 05, 2003 at 21:07:57:
Hello Terry,
six months ago I had a hot water pipe burst under my dining room floor. Water poured out the front and back of the condo. My HOA sent a plumber who found the leak and rerouted the pipe to another location to stop the water flow. It was determined a slab leak sp they fixed it. After the plumber my HOA sent a handyman to fix the loose tile where the water damage was the worst, but not the entire floor. Here is my do I prove there is or is not water damage under my tile throughout the dining room and kitchen. My tile grout changed color, the grout shifted away from the wall and sevearal of the tiles now have a hollow sound then you tap on them, which they did not have prior to the slab leak. It took the HOA seveal months to fix the tile floor. When the ten tiles that were pulled up to repair they did nothing to fix the moisture and there was a bad smell under the tile. I would like to know how I can access the damage the water may have done under my tiles.

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