Rusted Toilet Ring: Repair Options?
Posted by Bob on June 30, 2003 at 02:04:00:
I just removed an old toilet in order to install a new toilet and I found that the old closet ring was completely rusted away.

Now I'm trying to figure out the best way to replace this. The old metal ring sat underneath a 5 7/16" diameter plastic flange on the drain pipe. (The inner diameter of the waste pipe is ~4".) The drain pipe sits about 1/2" above the plywood floor.

Someone at a local plumbing supplies store recommended a PASCO "Quick Ring" for this situation. This is a thin metal ring that mounts over the existing flange. It has slots to accomodate closet bolts.

(I've attached a link to PASCO's description of this product.)

I was told to just screw this plate on top of the drain pipe and then to mount the toilet, via closet bolts, to this ring.

But there is a vertical gap that would exist where the old metal closet ring sat. Do I need to fill this gap for a secure installation? I don't want to put any load on the drain pipe when I tighten the ring to the plywood floor.

Are there any other repair solutions that I can consider? I had hoped to find some sort of replacement ring that would "open up" in some manner in order to fit under the larger diameter of the existing plastic flange.

I really don't want to tear up the floor or the ceciling drywall on the first floor to make this fix.



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