crack in kitchen spout
Posted by Linda on June 29, 2003 at 20:16:17:

Our kitchen sink spout cracked near the base, squirting water
from the crack (looks as if it were "cut" with a very sharp knife). I called our home insurance, but they say that someone must have pressed down on the spout with excessive force (or, in their words, someone could have "sat on it") so it isn't covered. My husband says that he may have caused the problem by resting a pot on it while washing up. My question is, the spout is about 25 years old - is this something that could happen with age and a "not so excessive" force and the home insurance is just trying to get out of paying, or is my husband the culprit and really must have pressed down hard with the pot? I'm not sure if I should put up a fight if the faucet really would have lasted much longer but we caused the dammage. Please advise.

Thanks, Linda

P.S. It's a Moen faucet if that helps any

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