Installing New Water Heater ~ Big Problem!
Posted by Ryan on June 29, 2003 at 01:38:59:
Hi. We are installing a new hot water heater. Everything seemed easy enough, I had it all together and after I filled the tank up, no water came out at all out of the hot water faucet. The strange thing is, when I have both the sink and tub hot water valve open in the bathroom, when I turn the cold water on in the sink, water comes out of the tub. (The tub hot water valve is open but the cold is closed). Any ideas as to why I now have no hot water...and to my wierd problem? I've thought about the possibility of a clogged pipe but before I replaced the hot water tank, had no trouble getting water when turning the hot water valve on. I'm not a plumber and I'm totally puzzled! Any help is greatly appreciated!


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