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Posted by hj on June 28, 2003 at 21:15:15:
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The size of the pipe needed is directly related to the distance the appliance is from the meter, the BTU's of the appliance, and the BTU's of any appliances between that appliance and the gas meter. The 1 1/4" is probably adequate, whether the 3/4" lines are depends on how far you have to run the pipes. You will need a permit and as part of the permitting process you will have to submit a plan showing the lengths and sizes of the various pipes and the anticipated BTU's of each appliance.

: Hi Hube,

: Problem is that the appliances haven't been bought yet, so I don't have any idea what the BTU's will add up to. There must be averages for these somewhere that I could use. Do you have anything showing average BTU's for these appliances?

: I'm not too worried that the 1 1/4 main line coming in isn't enough. My main concern is with the 3/4" line that will feed the stove and furnace. I'm wondering if I need to increase the pipe size to 1" for that leg.

: Brian

: : : I have a 1 1/4" gas line that comes into the house. From that I need to supply gas to 4 things: clothes dryer, water heater, combination stove/oven, and a 2.5 ton central heat/air furnace. On the end of the 1 1/4" main line there is a fitting to split the line into two 3/4" lines. One of the 3/4" lines I want to run to supply the water heater and dryer. I would put another fitting on the end of the 3/4" line to split that into two 1/2" lines for both of those appliances.

: : : The other 3/4" line will go to supply the stove and furnace. I wanted to put a fitting on the end of that line to have a 3/4" supply going to the stove and 1/2" going to the furnace. I'm wondering if a 3/4" line is enough to supply the stove and furnace? Also wondering if the other 3/4" line is enough to supply the water heater and dryer.

: : : Thanks,
: : : Brian Brian; Total up the BTU's on each leg of the 3/4" and check with the local utilities in your area. They know best. IMO i would believe the pipe size is more than adequate. Hube

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