PVC repair coupling
Posted by Bill B on June 28, 2003 at 20:46:59:
Hello All,

I have a lateral run of 3" PVC drain pipe that had a small hole drilled in it (don't ask). I picked up a pair of 3" repair couplings and a length of 3" pipe to try and repair the area.

After several attempts and an expanding section to be replaced, I can't seem to join two pieces of pipe together that don't leak when a drop of water runs across the joint.

My question is am I missing something in my procedure? I slide the couplings onto the new section I am putting in, I prime (purple) the outsides of the pipe surfaces I am going to join. I wait 5 minutes for the primer to dry. I liberally apply PVC cement (blue) where I primed. I quickly slide the coupling across the joint and am barely able to get a quarter turn before the whole thing sets up. I wait about 30 minutes and run a little water through the pipe and voila - it leaks...

Do I need to prime the inside of the coupling? I didn't think that would be a good idea because I heard that the primer kinda gets the PVC to swell a little and I fear I wouldn't be able to slide the coupling when I needed to.

Since I seem to be PVC challenged, could I just use one of those rubber couplings with the hose clamps? (the pipe is in the ceiling of a finished garage)

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