Re: Rusted galvanized pipes...low pressure!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Stevo on June 28, 2003 at 04:23:12:
In response to Re: Rusted galvanized pipes...low pressure!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think alot of people here are losing sight of the fact that a repipe dosen't mean you are going to increase pressure in the home. There are two factors with water...pressure, and the one nobody ever seems to talk about, volume. Most repipes I've ever done from galvy to copper increase the volume (GPM) in a home, but do little, or nothing for the pressue (PSI). I've found the easiest way to increase pressure in a home is to add a booster pump, or take it a step further by adding a pump+ a pressure tank (the same type of set-up people w/ wells have). If I were you Tina, I'd spend my money on the repipe first. There's no tellin' what a booster pump will do to your old system. Steve the plumber : What can a plumber do to increase my water pressure in my rusty galvanized pipes....short of replacing with copper?????

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