Re: Old toilet change out
Posted by Stevo on June 28, 2003 at 04:01:59:
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I Have found in houses the have long horizonal runs of cast iron that the water from a low-flow (1.6gpf) flush toilet will "out run" the soild waste+paper, leaving it in the pipe untill the next flush. This can become a problem over time. If the house is plumbed with a smooth wall DWV system (i.e. PVC DVW/ ABS) it should not be a factor. : : I have a property that was built in the 50's. If I take the old toilet out which could be from 3-7 gallons? will the new 1.6 toilet flush ok , since the drain lines were designed for the bigger toilet that uses more water and what would keep the new 1.6 from flushing right
: : thanks
: : mike MIKE; Go ahead ,put in the 1.6 toilet, it will flush OK.The flush amount is controlled by the toilet mechanism,etc, not the supply or drain pipes.

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