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Posted by al winroth on June 27, 2003 at 21:08:16:
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I am also trying to get my water pump better regulated. I suspect that your cut-in and cut-out setpoints may be improperly adjusted. Inside the Pumptrol cover you should find the factory-set setpoints and the model number for the controller. Since it is a very common controller that costs about twenty bucks, you may find the same model available from a local hardware store. You can look through the see-through packaging and read the simple instructions for adjusting the cut-in and cutout setpoints using the same hollow socket wrench on the big and small springs. Instructions may differ for various models which make instead of break contacts. Be sure to view the correct model. If the controller proves faulty you will also know where to buy a new one. Good luck.

: We have a 30 cut-in and a 50 cut-out pump control. When water is demanded, the gauge slowly drops to 30 and the pump kicks in for a split second and then shuts off, and the gauge drops to zero. I have to lift the lever on pumptrol until pump kicks on again. Any ideas whats wrong? It just started acting like this the last couple of days. Thanks for any reply.

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