Re: leaking valve stem on frost proof faucet
Posted by hj on June 27, 2003 at 13:58:52:
In response to Re: leaking valve stem on frost proof faucet
Boats are still made the same way, and graphite string packing will still stop valve stem leaks if tightening them does not work first.

: My frost proof faucet on the front of my home leaks around the valve stem only when I open the valve to
: run water. It does not leak when the faucet is shut off. The unit is mounted through the concrete block
: foundation of the single level house. I would like to know how to repair the leak. Forty years ago,
: I repacked leaking valve stems in ship board water systems (I was on a ship in the Coast Guard) with
: wax or graphite impregnated string about the size of shoe laces. If that is still the technology, I can
: handle that OK, but I suspect technology has changed. Any advice will be appreciated.

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