Securing the toilet tank to wall?
Posted by Rick on June 26, 2003 at 16:03:18:
Plumber just installed a replacement, but older, toilet that I had. It works fine, but I wonder whether there is any consensus on securing the tank to the wall. He did not attach the tank to the wall, i.e. it is just sitting (bolted) on the bowl. It's a little wobbly, probably not dangerous.
The tank has two U-shaped cutouts at the top of its back, as if there are supposed to be some large lag-bolts and washers holding it to the wall.
It seems reasonable to me to secure it to the wall, but he didn't. Should I do so? The wall is wood wainscoting, so it wouldn't be hard. If so, is there a name for the fasteners that attach tank to wall?

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