Basement bath rough-in.
Posted by Ed on June 26, 2003 at 14:33:50:
We are refinishing our basement. We plan to install a full bath.

It will be located about 6-8 feet from one of two basement drain pipes that come together to the main drain. The other drain pipe is on the other end of the basement.

My question is how do we "scope out" the path of the
drain pipe running under the slab and what's the typical depth? So we can remove the slab that covers it.

The pipe runs down the wall and has a cleanout and then it angles 45 degrees (?) into the floor. Typically how far from the wall and footer will
it run? The main drain is not a straight line from this pipe as the foundation extends three feet further out (toward the street) where the main cleanout is located. (We do not have any plumbing blueprints of the house - built 1996).

I have read several plumbing books and watched a few videos but none have addressed typical dimensions except for distance from sewer to drain and into home to main cleanout. From there, I do not have an "exact" clue.


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