Re: Converting a 10" rough-in to a 12" rough-in
Posted by Deb on June 26, 2003 at 10:59:51:
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: I am interested in to Toto Drake ADA version but have a 10" rough-in. I found a 3"x4" PVC Offset Plumb Flange Fitting at Home Depot and was told I could use this to convert to a 12" rough in. Has anyone had any experience in doing this. Is this a good option or should I just find a 10" rough-in ADA compliant toilet. That would be an American Standard which I'm not sure is the best I could get. Thank you for your help.

Offset flanges are not "cure-alls". If the toilet was not installed at 12" or with an offset flange originally, there may be a (structural) reason. If the 12" falls in the center of a joist, an offset will not offset enough to get by it. Offset flanges are also too deep to use between floors (in joist bays). This might be something that you want to call a plumber in for.
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