Re: water odor (rotten egg smell)- toddler drinking it?
Posted by kay on June 26, 2003 at 01:29:22:
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We had that problem also after living 30 yrs. in same house and using the same well. All of a sudden the hot water started stinking. We replaced the elec. water heater and it was okay for about a week, then started smelling again. Advice from plumber was to take anode rod out and replace with a plug; water heater brand is State. It worked, water quit smelling. The anode rod had white flaky stuff on it and I don't understand why the water changed suddenly unless a new vein of water came in the well (well is 200 ft.deep).Previous State water heater was >20 yrs. old - go figure.We have had a water softener forever & use iron-out salt.
: : : : Oh, I don't mean the baby would actually drink hot water. But she's exposed to lukewarm water from the faucet -- ex. both the hot and cold faucets are on. I put facecloths in the water, for washing her face. etc. However, what if, for instance, her oatmeal was too dry, and I added I got water from that faucet because it was closest. And over time, she'll brush her teeth at that faucet. So I'm just not sure if exposure to water from that faucet should be a concern??

: : : : : If the baby drinks the hot water, you could have a more serious problem than the hydrogen sulfide. I have been in areas of the country where hydrogen sulfide is in the water supply and those people thought it was the best water they have ever had.

: : : : : : Hello, all. I am hoping someone can help! Our upstairs bathroom sink sometimes smells like rotten eggs when we turn the hot water on. At one point, it was happening all the time. I haven't noticed much recently. I read in the post at that this could be hydrogen sulfide gas and/or related to anode rod. I don't know much about those. My question is: could this be dangerous to our 8-month old baby, if she ingests that water? Or if we fix the problem, how costly would that be? Thanks so much-- Kathy; The info i have on hydrogen sulfide, is it has no ill effects on your health at all. (other than just the abnoxious odor.)Check with a water treatment supplier and they will tell you about all types of remedies, some are reasonable and some quite costly. .Hube Hube, may I ask why you delete the blank lines between the poster's last word and the begining of your posts? It makes it hard to read, as you may see now.

: : What Kathy is experiencing may be a trace of H2S and it may be odor caused by SRB in the water reacting with the anode rod in the water heater.

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