PLEASE HELP.... BIG problem with my basement toilet.....
Posted by DB on June 25, 2003 at 21:30:12:
I just moved into an old house (well from the 1940's) the previous owner had neglected the
house badly.
Anyway I have this toilet in the basement, just the toilet in a tiny sheet rocket room that
I think was put in in the 1960s or 70s.
As soon as I moved into the house I started noticing problems with that basement toilet. It backed up
even though no one living here now has ever used it.

I also had the house drain cleaned out by a pro. But about a month later the basemnt toilet flooded again.
I've lived in two previous homes & have never encoutered this problem (overflowing toilets). Though neither home had a toilet in the

I remmeber reading long time ago that a basement toilet needs to be set up at the same level or a higher level
than that of the house septic system so it won't back up, which is why installing toilets in a
basement is difficult.
Is it possible that this is the problem? That it was installed wrong? How do I comfirm it?
How do I fix it? This is a big problem, it now backs
up constsantly & I am trying to fix up the basement on my own but
can't do anything with that problem going on. Not to mention the gross mess that I have to clean up. :-(

I would like to at some point install a bathroom in that basement but this situation makes me thing it might
not be possible , or at least that the risk is too great for the toilet to overflow & ruin the finished basement.

Please help!!



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