Kohler Pressure Assisted Toilet
Posted by Jane on June 24, 2003 at 21:39:09:
I do understand the the entire situation stinks. I too had a pressure assisted toilet that went out on me, but unlike most of you who have commented on this unit, I was actually happy that Kohler was willing to give me some help in purchasing a new unit. Before I called I checked on the warranty I had when I purchased the toilet and since it was at least 5 years out I figured I would get no help at all. I think that we should actually be glad that the company is willing to work with us and offer us money on a unit that legally, they don't need to give us anything for. Don't get me wrong. The situation SUCKS, we lost a lot of money, but as a consumer we take that chance when we purchase an item. If you did not check the warranty before the purchase then that is your fault. It sucks, yes, but I hate seeing everybody ranting and raving about how the company is not standing behind their product, when in reality, they are offering all of us money for a toilet that has been discontinued for years. That, to me, is standing behind the product and helping out the customer, even though they aren't required to.

This is just a note, please don't write back telling me how wrong I am. I'm not working for Kohler, I'm not getting paid to write this, I just like pointing out the facts and making people think about every angle instead of just their anger.

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