interrupted DHW supply
Posted by terry harris on June 24, 2003 at 11:21:50:
I hope you can help on this one. I took professional advise when changing from a gravity system to a combi system. I have a bungalow and only 2 of us with very low water and central heating usage The main pressure inlet is via old type black plastic half inch hose to 15mm copper at stopcock. This goes to a Kinetico softener originally 12mm bore now 16mm bore into a Sime combi boiler that was recommended as suitable for a 5 bed house with large family. The boiler funtions well for CH and DHW is always hot, although it takes a while to get hot as there is a 5 metre run from boiler to first tap at kitchen sink and 7 metres to the bath tap.

So my problem:

If the DHW water supply is interrupted by a second tap, hot or cold, or if the washing machine or toilet is flushed or electric shower used the water supply at the tap is reduced to zero and goes cold when the supply returns as interruption is finished at the open tap. ie you can only run the hot taps one at a time and only when no other water is being drawn off. I have spoken to Sime (before they went bust), Kinetico and the installation Corgi plumber and all are puzzled as to why this happens and then blame each other. The wife is tearing her hair out because she cannot live with with this poor system and all friends we talk to say they have no problems with their combi systems.
I look forward to your expert comments.
Many thanks

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