Re: Can rats enter through toilet?
Posted by Rich on June 23, 2003 at 15:06:17:
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I've just had the freaky experience! I live in London and the new place I've just moved into was stripped before I moved in, including a bathroom overhaul. This meant that my toilet pipe was dry like yours for some weeks while the builders did their thing. Today I saw a rat emerge from the bathroom. I chased it back and closed the door while I considered my options. There're no windows so it could not escape. I went to fetch the cats! I fed both cats into the bathroom but when they saw the size of this bastard they turned around and fled. The rat actually came for the one cat with a spitting action and standing on its back legs. Eventually I decided to go back in there with a squash racquet and a spray gun with ether in it to knock it out peacefully. Imagine my nerves stalking around the bathroom unable to find the rat. After searching every corner and trying to see around the back of cupboards etc with a mirror I heard a splashing noise from the toilet! He emerged, saw me and dived back down. I flushed the toilet and havent seen him again. But it gives me the creeps that he might come back! I find it interesting that both you and I had dry pipes shortly before the events. It's been in use (flushing every day) for 3 weeks though so I assume the nest must be getting quite uncomfortable. Now I've thrown loads of hot water and bleach down but I'm still wondering... is that the end of it or can they just come right back up again if/when the fancy?
I'll contact the council tomorrow and see if they can shed any more light but in the meantime, can you update me on any events on this topic on your side? Thanks

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