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Posted by Bill on June 23, 2003 at 09:42:30:
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I live in the Northeast, and our pump is only for lawn irrigation. The setup consists of a Teel pump (with Dayton motor) and a Teel precharged tank. The tank is small and only seems to keep the pump primed. Some people's systems in the area do not have tanks, but most do.

My system pumps ~11 gpm at 54#, and there are 4 heads per zone. I have put new spray nozzles in the heads to take 12 gpm per zone which helped (runs at 52#), but now the cycling has started again. I was somewhat surprised by the pressure switch, but this is my first system and did not know.


: Bill,

: In our part of the country irrigation pumps, including lawn, are sized to run flat out, no pressure switch. Sounds like you are using a domestic well pump for irrigation. You will have to look at your irrigation system, pipe size, capacity of each head, and number of heads on a zone to see if the existing pump can have the switch bypassed.

: PW

: : I have a well pump that is used for irrigation only, and it has been cycling from day-one. I am not sure which is worse for the motor and/or pump: cycling (constantly going on/off) or running continuously for < 1 hour at a time.

: : I think that cycling is worse as the pump should be able to take an hour of work without a problem. Any thoughts?

: : Thanks!

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