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Posted by Deb on June 22, 2003 at 15:28:43:
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: I have a 3 year old house which has a well system. We have a 1 hp pump and a large capacity tank (don't know exact gallon size but its one of the biggest on the market). Initially, the cut on/off PSI was 30/50. My wife was complaining about the water pressure from the shower so I bumped it to around 40/60. Water pressure seems better. However, when one of my sprinkler zones kicks on (the one farthest from house), the pump can only get to around 50 psi (so, it never shuts off on this zone). My pump usually runs for about 60 - 90 seconds on the other zones with a resting period of >2 - 3 minutes. I hate to lower the cut off back to 30/50 just for this one zone but am I wearing out my pump with this continous running? If I did lower my cut off, would adding more air pressure to tank help with pressure from the shower head?

You should never change the on/off pressure without also adjusting the air in the pressure tank. This needs to be done with the tank drained. Air in the tank should be 2#s less than the kick on pressure for the pump--38#s of air with a 40# pump kick on pressure. Cycling on and off is harder on a pump than running continuously.
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