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Posted by LonnythePlumber on June 21, 2003 at 23:37:37:
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: It depends on how the connection between the two is made. You might have a hard time finding a plumber that still knows how to replace the connection, much less do it yourself.

: : In the wall behind the bathroom sink in my house, there is about 2 feet of lead pipe. It connects a 2 inch copper pipe that goes into a vertical drain to a 1and1/4 inch brass pipe that comes out of the wall and connects to the trap under the sink. That brass pipe needs replacing. How do I get it out of the lead pipe? How how can I repair it? I've never worked with lead pipe before.

Both lead, and copper used as drains, have a limited life and will evidently have to be replaced with plastic. I do replace the brass trap outlets on occasion instead of replacing the lead which will have to be done eventually. You have to heat up the solder at the brass without melting the lead, scrap the lead to shiny new finish, file the crome off the brass slip extension, flux and gently solder back with 50/50 solder. Plumbers in my area quit doing this in the l970's. LonnythePlumber

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