Faucet chatter
Posted by Peter Redwood on June 21, 2003 at 15:26:59:
My bathroom vanity faucets are washerless with Jado cartridges. When I turn on my HOT faucet, the stream either diminishes as the water becomes hotter or the faucet sets up a chatter that can be stopped only by turning down the faucet to a VERY low stream or by turning on the cold faucet at the same time(hot and cold feed through a common spout). If I disconnect the feed tube from the hot water shutoff valve to the faucet and open the shutoff valve, water flows hard and fast from the feed tube without chatter, so it would seem to me the problem lies in the faucet itself. If I dismantle the faucet, it appears to have no mechanical defects, Any ideas?

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