Wall Hung Toilet Geberhit Pre Wall Carrier
Posted by Larry Steingold on June 21, 2003 at 15:03:18:
We have, or had a Kohkler wall hung unit. The Waste hole is at the top, 6 inches from the floor.
We are trying to install a Geberhit, pre wall carrier. The lowest setting, allows the waste hole to be 8 inches from the floor. Not including the 2x4 it will be installed on.
Supposedly, if the holes were lined up I woul;d not have a problem, but they are not. Since waste will flow down hill, it there an attachment I can get from the pre wall carrier to the present waste hole.

Failing that I have been told the plumber will have to drill a hole in the floor for the waste line, but their is floor joist in the way. I have also been told to open up the wall, cut out the old carrier, intall a new one that is higher and inline with where I want to have the carrier connect, 17-19 inches off the floor.


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