Re: Remodeling bathrooms - drain and vent question
Posted by Hube on June 17, 2003 at 13:20:40:
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: Hi,
: I'm remodeling 2 bathrooms that are back to back and mirror images of each other. My plan was to use 2" pvc to drain both tubs and both vanities. My question is, is a 2" pipe large enough to drain all 4 fixtures? My other question is, do I need to put an additional vent between the tubs and drain which is about 22" away. (Please see attached diagram)

: Thanks in advance.

: Brian BRIAN: I don't think you can do this the way you have it drawn. i'm not a plumber, but that TEE connection is not right. When you drain the one tub the water is going to come into the other bath tub. i believe you need 2 separate connections to the main stack. Hopefully a PRO PLUMBER will post some expert advice. Hold off on the work until you do .

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