Re: Outdoor spiggot won't turn on
Posted by Hube on June 16, 2003 at 18:05:30:
In response to Re: Outdoor spiggot won't turn on
: I have 2 outdoor spiggots in my house that are on a seperate hard water line that branches off of the main line before it goes into the water softener. This hard water line splits at a 'T' and one direction goes to one spiggot and the other direction goes to the second spiggot. My problem is that 1 of my spiggots turns on and water flows but the second one doesn't do anything. The valve on the spiggot opens and shuts properly because I am able to insert a piece of 12 guage wire into it so I can tell it is open yet no water flows. There are no shut off valves between the 'T' and this spiggot. I'm really baffled by this. How can I not have water flowing? Could there be an obstruction in my 1/2" copper line somewhere? That seems hard for me to believe. Ideas and suggestions greatly appreciated. Cookin; Obviously,since you say both valves are on the same line, the pipe is clogged between the TEE and the outside valve. Was there ever water coming out of this valve? It could be since it's hard water, you got some deposit build-up in the line (but very unlikely)

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