dripping sound in wall
Posted by stephen on June 14, 2003 at 14:56:32:
Greetings. For the last couple months, I've noticed a heavy dripping sound in the 1st floor wall after flushing the second floor toilet.
The dripping is rapid immediately after the flush and accompanies the flow of water down the pipe to the sewer.
The dripping then slows to a regularly paced drip continuing for about twenty minutes or so after the flushing.
I've replaced the flapper and used drain cleaner without improvement. There is no difference when I turn off the water supply to the toilet
prior to flushing. There is no evidence of any water escaping into the home nor outside into the wall. I've owned the
home for two years and this is a new sound.
Is there any way to diagnose this problem without opening up the wall? What is the best way to approach the diagnosis?
Thanks in advance for any ideas or tips.

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