well pressure switch setting questions
Posted by SteveU on June 13, 2003 at 20:32:27:
I recently installed a 36gal pressure tank, 3/4 hp pump on a driven well in the basement using a 1 1/4" point. I also have a 2" point & pipe which will replace the 1 1/4" as soon as I can get to it. The air tank is set at 18 psi, the pump cuts on at 25 psi & off at 40 psi. I can get approx 14 gal before pressure drops way off. When the switch turned on at 19-20 psi it would run for a bit while slowly dropping then once it got to about 17 psi it would fall right off to 7 psi where it would stay until whatever was using water shut off then it would climb back to 40 psi in about 6 min. I have read in the archives about setting the cut in pressure about 2-3 psi more than the air pressure in the tank but when it was like that it seemed to run out of water & the pressure bottomed out. Will it work well or will it hurt anything to have the cut in pressure set at 25 psi? Before I turned the cut in pressure up, the pump lost prime twice, I suspect from the pressure bottoming out, as soon as I reprimed it it took right off so the well wasn't dry. What would cause the pump to lose prime under these conditions?


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