kitchen faucet: no water coming in! help!
Posted by Dave Norris on June 13, 2003 at 00:36:56:
I just fixed our reverse osmosis system plug, but while doing do I turned off the valves below for the main water Moen faucet. The next day, we started losing water pressure out of the main faucet. Tonight, we are getting not water at all out of our main faucet above the kitchen sink. The rest of the house's water supply is fine, so I am assuming one or bot of the "knob cartridges" is stripped or gone bad. ONe of the two valves turns as it is supposoed to, but the one that is connected to the water supply seems to have a problem inside. What do I do to fix this problem, aside from calling an expensive plumber? Thanks for your help. Please e-mail me at Thanks! Dave

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